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The test server has been updated to 1.6.4.  This is just the initial cut of the 1.6.4 update, and mainly focus on the migration of the existing mods, with just a couple of additions.  Obviously all mods were updated to their latest version, but below are the additions and removals.  The removals between are due to the mods not being ready for 1.6.4, or currently incompatible with some of our other mods.  Currently I am planning to include these when they are ready.

Removed Thermal Expansion
Removed Omnitools
Removed Soul Shards
Removed Logistics Pipes
Removed Advanced Power Management
Removed MPS Addons
Changed to Zan's map
Added Extra Cells
Added Millenaire

The current test world is just some radom world that came up, and is not one we are keeping.  It will allow you to test out the new version though.  Dynmap is also setup and working if you need to find one of the new villages.

The client seems to be running smoothly so far, but please let me know of any issues.

This is no longer setup for MultiMC as that does not currently support 1.6.X, plus it is no longer needed, as the launcher provides that functionality.  You will want to have to new launcher, and run at at least once for vanilla 1.6.4.  Then run the forge Jar in the zip.  This will setup forge under your client.  It will also create you a profile for it as well.  Then stick the ForgeClient folder anywhere you want on your computer, and point to that folder as the game client folder.  You should then be able to start the client.

Update posted to the test server.  Below are the updates.  Quite a few updates this time.  I am going to start focusing on the worldgen to weed out duplicate ores, or similar issues.  With 1.7 out, the updates to 1.6.x should start to stabilize.  This will probably be 1 more update before we are ready to move to production.

Updated Tinkerers Construct to 1.5.0d11
Updated Ender Storage to
Updated NEI Addons to 1.9.2 r44
Updated Mekanism to
Updated Atomic Science to
Updated Additional Pipes to 2.5.0
Updated Buildcraft to 4.1.2
Updated Railcraft to
Updated Ironchests to
Updated Redlogic to 57.0.1
Updated Tubestuff to  57.0.2
Updated Immibis Core to 57.1.4
Updated Immibis Microblocks to 57.2.3
Updated Extra Utilities to 0.3.4
Updated Extra Cells to 1.5.1b

Added Project Red
Added NumiRP 1.1.1
Added Myst NEI Plugin 1.05
Added Damage Indicators
Added Logistic Pipes 0.7.4
Added BilbloWoods [Natura] 1.1
Added BilbloWoods [ExtraBiomesXL]

This one is running alot better than the first one. I think there was a problem with the first one's NEI (was getting some hints that there were big problems with that version) it's not locking up every time I look something up, and it looks like the things that were oddly named are back to the right names (the UE generators).

Good to hear.  I am going to start playing around with a few seeds for the next start.  Maybe we can go this weekend.

There are 4 types of Tin Ore in NEI, only found 3 in the world so far.


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