Author Topic: Server Update 1.5.2 - 1.2  (Read 2121 times)

October 25, 2013, 09:37:29 pm


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The update that has been on test for the past two weeks has now been moved to production.  Below are the list of changes.  This is the last 1.5.2 update.  I will be working on the 1.6.4 update on test this weekend.

Removed Gregtech
Updated Natura to
Updated Tinkerers Construct to 1.4.3
Updated bspkrsCore to 3.05
Updated Armor Status HUD to 1.13
Updated Redstone in Motion to
Updated Applied Energistics to rv13c
Switched to Advanced Machines 55.0.3 (Immibis version)
Added Mekanism
Added Atomic Science
Added Ender IO
Added Bibliocraft Woods 1.0
Added Immibis Peripherals
Added Open Peripherals
Added Open CC Sensors