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The test server has been updated and a new client posted to the main page.  This is the last update for 1.5.2, and was done as a preliminary step to deploying 1.6.2 on test.  Below are the changes.  The one to really pay attention to is the removal of GT. This is going to revert a lot of recipes back to their prior state, and in turn break a number of existing patterns.

Also there are some odd things missing with GT as well like Lead Ingots, and Iridium Ingots.  Both are still in the game, but with GT we were using GT versions of them.  So existing ingots will be lost.  You can convert iridium ingots into plates (the one that requires 4), as those will stay.  Only way I have found to save lead ingots is to use Tinkerers Construct to smelt them into blocks.  The other block is a GT version which goes away as well.  Same thing with going back to dusts.  These are not the only two examples, so you may want to compare prod to test and see what if any conversion options you have.

Also remember that GT added a bunch of new items and blocks which will also be gone.  So for those that are using aluminum blocks for floors, you will need to change those.  You probably also want to cleanup you machines now and adjust you networks to deal with not having machines.  As an example the blast furnace will be gone, but the lava inside it will not be.  So it will drop and spread on the floor, which could be bad depending on what is around it.

Removed Gregtech
Updated Natura to
Updated Tinkerers Construct to 1.4.3
Updated bspkrsCore to 3.05
Updated Armor Status HUD to 1.13
Updated Redstone in Motion to
Updated Applied Energistics to rv13c
Switched to Advanced Machines 55.0.3 (Immibis version)
Added Mekanism
Added Atomic Science
Added Ender IO
Added Bibliocraft Woods 1.0
Added Immibis Peripherals
Added Open Peripherals
Added Open CC Sensors

Let me know once you guys have had a chance to prepare for the lack of GT.  Once you are both ready, I will update production.

I think I'm ready to go. Would like a heads up as of when so I can get on soon after to fix that steam/lava problem .

OK, we'll just give James a little more time.  He stated he might try to get on this weekend, but he has been busy recently.


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