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Just in case anyone wanted to try it out, I am running a modded freelancer server now.  It has been setup on default ports, ans does not really take much in the way of resources on the server to run.

To connect to the server you will need to install the need mod.  You can download and install it from the below link.  It requires a clean vanilla installation of Freelancer.  It will not modify the vanilla installation, but just copy what it needs of it to a new location for the modded game.

The second link is actually the download you want to download(4.86).  The current download of 4.87 was just released yesterday, and it is considered beta.

Once installed and working add to the flargs item in the dsupdate.cfg file located in the EXE folder of wherever you installed the mod.  This will cause the server to show in the server list if it is accessible.  I believe there is also a command line option, but I have only tried the config file.  When you go into the server list, the server will show as My Server, as I have not named it yet :)

I also added the command line option of -dx, but not sure why.  Think it was something to do with the resolution.

Keep in mind I have only tested this locally.  While I have setup the firewall rules, I have not tested them, so please let me know if you have issues connecting.

Interesting. Think I might have goofed up, found a quick beginners guide that said to do the /restart miner thing. Might restart now that I'm figuring out flying and such, since it the restart gives you a ton of stuff, makes it kinda easy.

Yeah I have tried one restart so far and did receive a much nicer ship :)  Will have to try some of the others on another character to see what they give you.

it was nice for helping figureing out how to fly and such, but it almost seems like "Hi, welcome to out Minecraft server, here's a chest full of Iridium"  ;D going from 20k to almost a 1mil k with a command does feel like cheating, lol

lol... maybe we can turn off or tweak some of the restarts.


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