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April 28, 2013, 04:23:29 pm


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Just posting a quick update about the server, as we have gone quite a bit of time without an update.  Most all mods have been updated for 1.5.1 with the exception of Traincraft, Soul Shards, and Red Power.  The main one being Red Power.  I have been waiting for RP to update, so I can get the test server updated.

We have had several issues where the server has shutdown on it's own.  This has been done due to the CPU temp.  It is a 6 core AMD FX processor, and it just has the stock cooler.  The server normally runs 1 VM and 3 MC servers.  This causes it to run at around 70-75 C.  If the server experiences any additional load it could hit the shutdown temp of 90 C.  For now I am leaving the test server off, as without it the server runs at 50-60 C.  I have ordered a new cooler, and should have it installed sometime next week.

One other thing is we are getting a number of nether portals popping up around spawn.  I am guessing these are coming from someone creating nether portals in mystcraft worlds, as those go to the overworld rather than the nether.  If anyone has a nether portal in a mystcraft world, please remove it.