Author Topic: Test server update 1.4.7 1.1  (Read 2312 times)

February 03, 2013, 09:29:21 am


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The below updates have been applied to the test server.

Updated Forge to
Updated Plugins for Forestry to Build 28
Updated Logistics Pipes to
Updated Extrabiomes XL to 3.9.0
Updated Iron Chests to
Updated Gregtech to 2.78c
Updated Industrial Craft to 1.115.213
Updated Additional Pipes to 2.1.3u42
Updated IC2 Backpack HUB to 2.3
Updated Dynmap to 1.4
Updated Misc Peripherals to 3.0c
Updated Railcraft to
Updated Forestry to
Updated Tubestuff to 52.1.3
Updated Immibis Core to 52.2.5
Updated Optifine to 1.4.6 HD C3 (Standard instead of Ultimate)
Updated Mo Creatures to 4.5.1
Updated Thaumcraft to 3.0.3
Updated Twilight Forest to 1.15.1
Updated Steves Carts to 2.0.0.a48
Updated Omnitools to 3.0.2
Updated Thermal Expansion to 2.2.0
Updated IC2 Nuclear Control to 1.4.6
Updated Buildcraft to 3.4.2
Added Enchanting Plus 1.12.6
Added Status Effect Hub 1.8
Added Thaumic Bees 1.3.0c
Added Extra Bees
Added Forge Essentials
Added Flans Mod 2.1.1

Take note of the new mods as well.  The one I am on the fence about at the moment is Flans.  It adds a bunch of vehicles and guns.  The items from the mod are added in packs, so we can keep some items and not other if we choose.

Please try out the bee mods as well as the I want to make sure they work properly.

I have also made everyone ops on the test server.  This should allow you to spawn items in the game for testing.

I also switched the test server back to a high res map, and have it doing a full render of the overworld now.  The server is configured to pause the render when people login.  So the login may be slow, but after that it should be fine.

Also fixed Mo Creature spawns, so hostile mobs are back again.

February 09, 2013, 06:56:01 pm
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Another update to the test server.

Updated Buildcraft to 3.4.3
Updated Extra Bees to
Updated Railcraft to
Updated Portal Gun to 1.4.7 v3
Updated Gravity Gun to 1.4.7 v1
Updated Thermal Expansion to 2.2.1
Updated Tubestuff to 52.2.0
Updated Secret Rooms to
Updated Forestry to
Updated Dynmap to 1.5 Alpha 1
Updated Iron Chest to
Updated Steves Carts to 2.0.0.a49
Updated MFFS to
Updated Thaumic Bees to 1.3.0d
Updated Immibis Core to 52.3.7
Updated Gregtech to 2.78g

I plan to push to prod tonight unless something comes up.