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Ok, I downloaded MC Forge as per the title page for the forums instructed; however, I have no fricken clue on how to install this thing. I've always played Minecraft on mac but it has issues with modding and im not sure how to add MC Forge into minecraft for windows.

are you using Multi MC? (and have had trouble with kerno's pac working on the mac's here in office, let me know if you can get it to start)

There are two files inside the zipped folder that mac doesn't like.

Minecraft -> Bin -> md5sums and version.

These two files are .exe which osx doesn't know how to treat, I left the original files that were part of my bin folder the same which are documents.

I basically copy and pasted all the files out of the MC 1.4.7 Forge 1.0 file and pasted them in my minecraft folder. I start minecraft and it starts up correctly; however, if I try to play in either single player or multiplayer it says its joining server or creating world, but I just get a blank black screen after that.

that might be where I had problems , if i remember right the console just showed it stopping with a line something like "...and 18 more"

Yeah, i think its the ML environment that is overloading java. OSX handles java as an alien anyway advanced scripting is just murder.


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