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this mod, though nice, is a pain. I lost nearly 5 chests worth of stuff when an ogre spawned in my room, with light levels well above mob spawn range. Kuges had one that saw him through walls and a floor to destroy two barrels worth of wood stuff. On top of that, Mo creatures messes with vanilla spawn, where vanilla spawns have never been able to spawn in the mushroom island biome, I've had creepers, werewolves, ogres, and the like spawn inside that biome. With the added costs of machines, the thought that they can be reduced to nothing in a matter of seconds due to a rogue spawn of ogres or golems, or water, does not bode well with building any sort of machinery.

As for the ogres destroying things, we can turn those off if needed.  There is also a way to reduce their strength so they cannot break blocks, but I think that also means that they cannot do damage.  For now I will turn them off on the production server.  Do golems break blocks also?  If so I can turn them off as well.

As for the messing with the spawns, that will be more of a problem to address and still keep the mod.  I initially turned off the ability for it to modify vanilla spawns, but then I could not find a single squid in the water on the test server.  I have not tested it much though.  As for why any hostile mobs are spawning in your mushroom biome, I would have to guess that Mo Creatures is not honoring that vanilla restriction.

Ok, Ogres and Golems are off for now.  I would like to hear everyone's opinions about the mod.  The main reason I got it was to all for Marisa to ride horses.  I can turn off the custom spawner, so none of the creatures will spawn, and then just manually spawn in the horses if we chose to not use the rest of the mod, but I need to know how everyone feels.


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