Author Topic: Shutdown of Tekkit Server  (Read 1930 times)

December 19, 2012, 10:28:06 pm


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We will be shutting down the Tekkit server Sunday evening.  This is in preparation of the new server going live (RP permitting).  As mentioned earlier, compact solars, power converters, and EE2 will not be on the new server, and the items related to those mods will be lost.  There is also no guarantee that any of the other non vanilla items will make it over.  We plan to convert the mod items, but that may not work as expected.  It is still recommended that you convert any of your convertible EE items to vanilla items now.  Also take all items off of your character, as those will be lost as well.  The nether will not be coming over, so you will want to remove anything important from there and bring it back to one of the main worlds.

While we plan to load the old worlds on the new server, this will not happen for a few weeks after the new server goes live.  This is to allow us to start fresh without introducing the items from the last world, at least initially.  It also gives me time to play around with the conversion process.  They will be loaded as additional Mystcraft worlds, with portals in the new overworld.

If anyone has any issues with this time frame please let me know.