Author Topic: Test server ready for 1.4.5  (Read 1879 times)

November 20, 2012, 04:29:13 pm


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Looks like we are almost ready to go to 1.4.5 as several mods just updated to it.  Buildcraft just released a stable release for it today.  IC2 released a beta for it yesterday, and we even got a version of Wireless redstone now, which previously was not updated even for 1.4.2.  There are a few IC addons it is missing, and Mo Created is still 1.4.2, but that is about it.  Of course RP2 and Thaumcraft are still outstanding, but hopefully at least RP2 will come out this weekend.

I will probably be working on updating the test server over the next couple of days to 1.4.5.  Once complete it will replace the current custom test server.  I will keep the same worlds for now.  Those will change though once RP2 is released.