Author Topic: Server Updates  (Read 1262 times)

October 28, 2012, 11:06:07 pm


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The shuttle port near the spawn of the new world will now take you to Worldhub, which eventually will be a larger ship that is used when traveling between different worlds.  At the moment only 4 of the hangers have been built, and not much else.  I have put up some temporary walls until the build is complete to make it harder to fall off of the ship by mistake, but there are still plenty of areas to jump.  You (and your stuff) will not survive if you do as you will not be able to reach your chest.

Currently the only world connected to the hub is the new world, but I will be adding the old world shortly, plus two other new worlds we will be coming up during the week.  So for now, there really isn't much to do on the ship.  Going to be testing some time and weather mods this week also to keep the world always at night and no weather.

I've made some updates to the spawn area in world2.  Finally finished the structures for the spawn and station.  Also continued to level off more of the land and started working on walls so the area's borders are visibly defined.

One thing I did notice when working there today was the framerate really drops around KMDs place.  I think it is the crystal chests.  Due to the client side lag that they add, it is best to stick with diamond, at least in the structures around the spawn point.  Currently anyone jumping back to spawn get's hit with that lag until they get away from him place.  It is still playable on my PC, but noticably slower.

Also, I finally finished the elevated track run to may place.  The track is usable now if you push a cart onto the rails and hop in.  I'll work on the station at some point, but currently it is non functional.