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Teleport pipes having issues


We have been having a few issues with teleport pipes recently.  A couple weeks ago a pipe placed by Killmeded corrupted a chunk for some reason.  Every time the server loaded this chunk it crashed the server.  Fortunately the chunk it question was not loaded by an anchor, so I was able to login and roll back his recent changes to correct the issue.  We are not going to always be that lucky, and may at times have to restore from a backup.

Recently the teleport pipes stopped working in our new world.  In the reading that I have done the pipes at times do not work on multiworld setups.  They will work on some worlds an not others. Seems they will work on each of the worlds individually if that world is the only world the server manages, but with multiple worlds they will randomly not work on some of them.

Previously they were working on the new world, even though we had the old world loaded as well.  I just recently added another world to the server, which is probably what triggered the pipes to stop working on the new world, although they still work on the new world's nether.  I was going to be adding another 2 worlds this weekend, which may fix break the pipes on these different worlds again.

I have yet to find the triggers that cause them to work in one world and not on another, and I may not be able to find one.  The reason is many of the Tekkit servers out there disable the teleport pipes, due to the risk of corrupting chunks.  They are generally considered more trouble than they are worth.  After the event with Killmeded stated above, I did consider disabling them as well.  I would prefer not to as the pipes are very useful.

I'm going to look into it a little further to see if there is a way around the issue of chunk corruption and multiworld support, but if I cannot find solutions, we may need to disable them.

hopefully you will find a viable solution without disabling them. I use teleport pipes almost exclusively, and other than visual bugs, I've yet to have a problem, until the last couple of mod changes.

it's bad enough to see this field of yellow dongles sticking up everywhere, it will be even worse if I have to physically run pipes....

so far the only one that is giving trouble is the power teleport pipes. Item and waterproof seem to be working fine as my machines still spit in the cans they are supposed to.

The power ones, though, will limit my use of quarries and the like, as I am loathe to run pipes 100's of blocks away...

The recent issue with the power teleport pipes is not the reason they would be removed.  That was caused by the addition of a world last weekend. That or other worlds may be fixed or broken as I add the other worlds I am planning to add.  Hopefully we can figure out the specific cause and a way around it.  This is something I plan to work on this weekend.

The reason I would disable the mod is due to the chunk corruption.  That is why people say away from them.  I have no idea what causes it but at times it appears placing them or changes to them can trigger a bug that crashes the server.  Then the server is unable to load the chunk without crashing until the pipe is removed.  This can be difficult to do if the pipe is in a chunk that loads on server start.  In some cases we would have to restore a backup from the prior day.  We could also remove the mod and start the server, which would delete all of the pipes in loaded chunks, and then add the mod back.  This is similar to what we did with the water strainer.

We would not remove the mod just because the pipes are not working on a specific world, even if we for some reason cannot find a fix for it.

I am not saying the mod is going to be removed, but it is a possible action we may take in the future if we have further crashes.  This is not something I would like to do as the pipe are very useful.  I will continue to see if I can find any solutions for both of these issues.


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