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Crashing again? 9-10-2012


Are we having issues again with the server?

It isnt even showing the server online for me lol so I have no idea. There was some extreme lag last night due to issues with KMD's transport pipes and Kerno had to do a roll back. However, Im not sure if that solved the issue or not.

There was a backup of the world running this morning, that may be causing issues.  It does not play well with the server, and tends do boot people off mid way through it.  It should be finished within the next hour, and hopefully it will be available at that time.  If it truely did crash like last night, then it will be down until I get home this evening (8:00 pm PDT) as I have no remote console access to that machine at this time.

Edit:  Looks like it was the backup as it is back online now.


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