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As you said, there are other ways of converting things, albeit a little harder, and usually at an eu cost or a bc cost. while passive emc farms can be abused, they also have many beneficial uses, boiling down to what you said, turning one item that is junk into something more useful. This could be beneficial in the long run, depending what the project is. Every item for good can be abused, I don't see turning something off as a viable alternative. I wouldn't toss out the whole bushel of apples for one bad one up top. I will admit, I like emc farms, but for wholly different reasons then just "generating tons of emc". I'm the one that had the blaze rod farm that prompted the blaze powder reduction. I currently have another type of farm set up, but naturally I don't get anywhere near the amounts of emc I had before. My plans for it? basically it is going to be a function of my nuclear reactor, and I almost have my design perfected in ssp. My current farm produces about 75-100 emc per sec when it is running. I could get this from quarry chaff, but I am looking at something bigger and better without tearing up huge swathes of land. Turning off the condenser will put a wrench in my plan, but it is not something I haven't already thought of ways around. My main purpose is looking at building a nuke plant in the nether, but one that is self contained without the need of external power sources, such as geotherms to get the material I will need for the reactor. without the condenser, I'll be forced to rely on that geotherm for the materials, and it will put a few extra steps in my plan, but nothing that can't be worked around.

I guess my main point is, removing something because it makes it easy, when there are other tools that are a little harder doesn't really change the fact that something can be done. If the net result is the same, then there really isn't a reason to either keep it or remove it.

While I agree that there are other ways to acheive the same result, I do not beleive it is the same.  There has to be some balance to the work reward ratio of each of the different areas of the game.

If I added a mod that allowed you to convert 1 dirt block into 1 diamond block via a single action, it would make diamonds a common item instead of the rare item they are today.  Yes, you would still have to feed the process dirt, but reward does not match the work you put in to get it.  This in turn makes everything that was difficult to craft based on the rarity of diamonds, eaiser.

No I'm not saying what you can do with these items is like convert a single block of dirt to a diamond block.  I am just using this as example to what an obvious imbalance can do to the game.  I know that many of these machines do take a lot of work to setup.  I just don't beleive the work justifies the reward.

Now there are built in items in the game that allow you to farm large amounts of items quickly.  Some of these are sand, snow, milk, etc.  While these are exploitable in vanilla MC, you just end up with a crap load of that item.   Who wants 50 chests full of milk buckets or snowballs :)  But with EE you can convert those buckets into EMC, and then in turn into whatever item (that has an EMC value) you want.  The same thing goes for cobblestone generators and other similar setups.

I understand why you like these items as they allow for the creation of some interesting processes, and I use them as well.  My concern is is they just allow us to generate too much too fast compared to the other methods in the game.

I would rather look for alternative methods of controlling this without removing these items from the game, which is why we did the previous step.

This is something we can continue to discuss.

50 chests full of snowballs makes lots of ice to feed heat hungry reactors

Yes, using the compressor.  That though is something you can do without EE :)


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