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Well I didn't exactly get to this over the next couple of days, but it now has finally been updated.  We are on version 1.9.0, which was released June 15th.

Seems to be a lot of lag by your base.  Haven't snooped around long enough to figure out what it is though.

The wooden box or the tower for the lag? I haven't logged in along time, lol. (and I was having odd chunk loading issues with the wooden box one, why I was moving, ie parts of base seemed to stay loaded even though nothing should have been), Lately been playing beyond on another server off and on, hitting that kinda bored with MC stretch again. Last few days I've been doing the Age of Engineering pack with is harder than a normal pack, between Skyrim, lol

Was thinking the Infinity server, forgot about the Beyond, updating now to check what it might be, I was hitting lots of bugs on the old version

ok, logged in, and it was really lagged for a min, then cleared up, see if it shows bad on your end still.


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