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When we switched to an FTB pack it was in hopes to make updating easier.  Unfortunately I still let the version lag behind for a while.  Just updated to 1.7.0 of that pack, so you will need to update you client to connect to it.

Also looking at the FTB Beyond pack, as it has a few mods infinity is missing (i.e. AE2).  Have you played with that pack at all?

Yeah, was running into bugs on the old infinity version. Haven't tried Beyond yet, been waiting to see if someone puts up a server. Mainly been messing around with Sky Factory 3 for the last while.

FTP Beyond 1.3.0 is installed on the port of the old test server (25567).  Version 1.4.0 was released today, but I already had this version queued up.

Any chance of getting Beyond updated when you get a moment? Wondering if it fixes a couple bugs I've noticed, (and adds a way to speed up TE5's extruders)

I'll try to put the current version over the next couple of days.


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