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Moved base north


Due to the biome updates coming out in the next few days, it appears we are going to be losing the old base.  Sounds like all structures within those biomes will be destroyed after the update, so all the work on that wall is gone :(

I moved all dinos and vital items to the beach north or the river.  Put up a quick wall around the area as well, but still need to add gates.  Flyers are at the volcano base.

One of these days I'll get back around to it. Finally tried Skyrim, and annoyed I didn't before now. So far I rank it on the ES list as good as Arena. (up till now, my rankings were Arena - Awesome, Daggerfall - It's ok, Morrowind - Wow, this is crap, and never tried Oblivion after that)

Yeah, Skyrim is really well done.  I still play it mainly due to what mods have added to the original game.  Looking forward to what they can do on their next installment.


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