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Had a power outage tonight, and modded server will not come back up.  Have not had a chance to review it, but will play around with it over the next couple of days.  Worse case I will restore from a backup, which should not be a big deal, as there has not been many changes on the server.

Really need to switch ISP's, mines been so bad lately. Half the time I finally have some time and energy to play, my internet is complete crap 75% of the time making server play a pain. Did get the Civ game humble bundle last month though, and that's been eating most my play time,lol

You've been complaining about that for a while.  Time for a new ISP :)

I don't check that site often, so I usually miss the good deals.  Though in this case I have most of the Civ games already, with the exception of some DLCs.

I know, was just talking to someone on Discord and a passing helicopter knocked out my DSL for a few mins....

Btw, we have Mekanism 8 on the server, correct?

you might have a bit of a cow problem



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