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Server Updated to 231.2


This update, and 231.1, bumps the gather rate of dinos by 3 times.  This will improve their gather rate, but may or may not get them back to prior levels.  They also bumped dmg and HP on tamed dino levels by 25%.  This is still considerably lower than it used to be, so be careful when you go out.

gees, away from my computer a couple of days, and everything goes to hell  ;D

They bumped up gather rates to prior levels.  So main difference now is melee damage and health added by tamed levels is much lower than before.  Yes, tamed dinos were kind of overpowered to their wild counterparts, and these changes are attempting to address that.  Combat is a little more challenging now.  I used to be able to take my argent and take on multiple brontos and rexes at the same time, without losing much health.  Now I do a single carno, and it takes me down to 50% health before I kill it.  Granted I went head to head with it and didn't bother trying to avoid it's hits, but still a big difference from before.


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