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Server Updated to 231.0


Just updated the server.  Winter event should now be over, though I have not logged in to confirm.

Also, this update contains "balance adjustments" in it.  Specifically to tamed dinos, so expect them to be weaker.  So things that were safe to go out in before might not be as safe, so be careful.  Also they apparently nerfed some of the gathering, but not sure yet.  There is a lot of complaining about it on the forums currently, and they took the official servers down because of it.  I have a feeling another update is coming shortly to adjust things again.

Well the tamed dino nerf is pretty dramatic, so be careful with what dinos you take out.  It seems like about a 75% reduction in HP and damage on all of the dinos.  It's actually probably worse than that.  I tested a level on one of the deer, and boosted it's damage, and instead of a 10% boost it was 1%.  I also think the nerf only applies to the levels since it was tamed.  So wild dinos will no be any weaker than they are now.

So be very careful with the dinios you take out, as they are a lot squishier, and don't pack much of a punch.

I think as more of a side effect of this change, the dino harvesting rates have also dropped, seeing they are based on the melee damage of the dino.  I have not tested this myself, but based on the yelling on the forums, it appears gather rates are pretty bad.  People are saying it is generally faster to gather by hand.  I have a feeling this will be adjusted though, as I think the main intention is to make tamed dino's weaker in combat, and not really go after them as gathering tools.

Now seeing we are on a private server, we can always crank up the HP and damage multipliers on tamed dinos.  I would like to give it a day or so to see what adjustments they make, as I expect more to be coming.


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