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In case you guys have the game, and would be interested, I am currently running a server on the same system that handles Minecraft.  To connect to it just add to your Steam favorite servers.  This can be done from the Steam main screen by selecting Servers under the View menu.  Then in ARK, just choose Favorites under the server selection.  The server will be listed as The ARK and the password is letmein.

Currently it is just my brother and I on it for our first play through, and we are still learning the game.  We started on the island on the SW corner of the map.  We are on the eastern tip of it.  I actually think we are very close to one of the default spawn points (W2?), but not positive about that.

lol, been playing it a couple of weeks on the Flamegoat server. fun but my ISP seems to hate it with a passion =P

btw, they updated today, they do that at random, kinda annoying

Yeah, I know.  They update quite frequently.  It's a good thing, but I need to setup something when I can run the server update as a nightly job.

actually got on the server...and got stuck in in rocks, which seems the only way to get unstuck is to die hunger... lol

Nice :)

Though, the spawn points are standard, so not sure what happened there.  It is still early access :)


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