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New client just posted for the test server.  All existing mods brought up to date and added a handful more.  I plan to test this today and maybe tomorrow, and if no major issues come up, I'll be posting it to production.

Played with it a little today, no problems so far. Killed the Ender Dragon (test) with the Key to the Kings Law ... seemed to work fine. had some graphical stutter, but that was probably my end, I'm on my work computer today, the the best for gameing.

Seems I got home just in time

wasn't me

Dynmap just caused an NPE for some reason.  Might have been an issue with the backup just kicking off.  The the upgrade to FE, it appears to have reset the backup settings to backup all worlds every 60 minutes and on each world being unloaded.  Switched it to just backup on 10 hour intervals.


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