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Sorry, but it appears the ATI control center spun out again eating up all of the systems memory, which took the MC servers down.  They are back up now.

haven't really had any problems on test, any idea when you might move it to production?

I apologize for almost crashing the server today...apparently vacuum hoppers don't follow chunk load rules, as I had 50k exp orbs when I logged on this evening. 6 hours later, I was finally able to get it under control and now have my ess/xp farm redstone controlled for when I am on.

Want to test a few more things and as long as I do not find anything major, I will deploy.

Sorry for delaying this update.  I've just been tied up with other things.  Due to the amount of time that had passed, I decided to update the test server again for all of the mods that have changed over the past month.  I hopefully will finish that up tonight and will post a new client download.  As long as everything goes well with testing, I will try to push it to production shortly after that.


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