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Seem to have broke myself again.

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Same error as back in july. I'm in the over world, digging a rail tunnel. So not to sure what's all around me.

Sorry, been out of town the last couple of days for work.  I moved your location, so you should be able to login again.  If it is a client side crash based on something at that location, it will probably occur again when you go there.  If you get stuck again, post me the actual crash log so we can at least determine what mod is causing it, and see if there are any posts related to it.

Thanks. And no worries, I figured you were probably vacation or something :D  I'll try to check it out tonight. btw...there was a smallish accident with a steve's cart tunnel bore....I have most of it cleaned up.

And it did it again, was flying down the tunnel to see how far the bore machine had gotten, and crashed some where along the way. no idea if it was in the same spot. Crash report http://pastebin.com/VJK33pxW

Well the issue is in Thaumcraft, but unfortunately the only hit on google for that line of code is your pastebin :)

Do you know what the primal arrow is?  Something you have used recently?  It is trying to read a double and the stream does not have enough bytes in it.  Probably a bug, but apparently not one someone has hit yet, and may not even be valid in the current version any longer.

It is spawning an entity into the world.  Maybe if it is something the despawns, then maybe if we can get the chunk in question to stay loaded (it unloads when you crash) for enough time, then it will clear.  Placing an anchor a little before your crash and setting it to max chunk range should do it.

I updated your location again.


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