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Nope, still in Myst 1, and now "you don't have access to that command" for any command, including /mvtp and /help. 8)

I'll try to keep an eye on when you get back online.  I will also look at the permission issue in a bit.  You are an op on the test server, which is why they worked there.  I will let you know once permissions have been fixed.

And here is the post on the TE recipes for MOd Suits :

I asked this a while ago and was able to get it working with some help from reddit. Had to do a few things. First I had to enable the Thermal Expansion recipe in the config but this wasn't enough. I also had to download and update the file. You can get that here:

Fixed the darkness in the old world by getting rid of myst worlds 10 and 11.  Looks like there might have been some sort of overlap of dimension IDs.

I just noticed on the old world all redstone energy cells were converted to creative energy cells.  Guess I messed up on the block IDs there :)  Please destroy any energy cells you currently have.  I have also disabled the creative cell, which will take effect next restart, but not sure what that will do with cells that have already been placed.  For now just find the existing ones and break them.

Also, I had some TE items in the AE system that were causing a crash on mouse over, or when picking them up.  I pulled one drive at a time out of the AE system till I found the right one.  Not hard to find, as when you scroll past the item, it messes up NEI and turns a bunch of items blank.


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