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Crashed in Myst Age

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Just went though one of the books there in the main building (by the front door, 2 down from the Nether book) named "Myst 1". Game crashed while loading the age, and now I can not log back in (game states, but crashes connecting to the server). Going to see if I can send you the crash report, and then wait till I get to my home computer this evening to see if it follows me or just on the computer.

Edit: Can't add files in here, forgot that, here is a Pastebin : http://pastebin.com/FxjhVM45

yeah, I seem to be completely stuck. Sometimes I actually see the age for about half a second before the crash, but everything looks normal then. tried it out on test, with the same exact reselts.

I moved you back to the overworld.  What world was that?  I would just avoid going there for now :)

it was the very first age I made, I think, yeah, not going back :D Thanks btw....was going over there to steal nodes.

hmm...crashing and getting the same error, but this time I'm in the overworld, only about 100 blocks SE of our walls.


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