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General / Dynmap initial map generation
« on: December 30, 2012, 09:55:35 am »
We have been having issues getting the initial map generated for the overworld, as it can only run when no one is online due to the lag.  This has meant not much progress has been made on it this past week.  Until the map generation is complete the map updates cannot be left on as anytime someone goes to an area of the map that has not been updated (even though chunks are generated), it causes dynmap to try to render those tiles as well.

So for now map updates have been turned off, and I have canceled the full render job.  I have brought up a second server that is pointed to the same tile location as the main and am generating the maps on it.  This should avoid the lag caused by having it run on the main server.  The only issue is it is rendering off of a non updated copy of the world, but this should be fine to get the initial map done.  I am hoping this can be completed within the next couple of days.

I do still need to generate chunks on both the nether and Twilight Forest, which must be done on the main server.  I should be able to do this without causing too much lag.  I was able to do this on the overworld, while people were online within a couple of days.  I will probably be starting this process later today, but will only generate out to a 2500 block radius.  Once that is complete I will take another copy of the world to the second server and generate the maps on them.

Once all of this is completed, a lot of the lag we have been noticing this first week should go away.

Announcements / New 1.4.6 Forge Server Online
« on: December 22, 2012, 11:37:33 pm »
The new server is online on the default port, replacing the Tekkit server.  I did take Tekkit down a little earlier than planned, so if anyone still needs access to it let me know.

Unfortunately the server and client are not very stable right now.   Seeing 1.4.6 just came out we are using a lot of betas versions of mods, and forge is also still cleaning up issues.  This should stabilize over the next week.  During this time we will hopefully get a few more of the mods that have not yet been updated to 1.4.6, and in turn are not on the new server.

I have currently restricted dynmap to a 500 block square, but will increase it in time (once worldgen is done).

I am still playing around with some of the mod configs to handle world gen issues, so we WILL be regenerating this world shortly (probably tomorrow).  So nothing you do now will stay.  Feel free to play around with it, just understand it will not last long.

Client Download

If you do have issues with the client, you may want to try removing Optifine.  I had to include the ultimate version in this one instead of standard, as that was the only version updated for 1.4.6.

Announcements / Shutdown of Tekkit Server
« on: December 19, 2012, 10:28:06 pm »
We will be shutting down the Tekkit server Sunday evening.  This is in preparation of the new server going live (RP permitting).  As mentioned earlier, compact solars, power converters, and EE2 will not be on the new server, and the items related to those mods will be lost.  There is also no guarantee that any of the other non vanilla items will make it over.  We plan to convert the mod items, but that may not work as expected.  It is still recommended that you convert any of your convertible EE items to vanilla items now.  Also take all items off of your character, as those will be lost as well.  The nether will not be coming over, so you will want to remove anything important from there and bring it back to one of the main worlds.

While we plan to load the old worlds on the new server, this will not happen for a few weeks after the new server goes live.  This is to allow us to start fresh without introducing the items from the last world, at least initially.  It also gives me time to play around with the conversion process.  They will be loaded as additional Mystcraft worlds, with portals in the new overworld.

If anyone has any issues with this time frame please let me know.

General / Tekkit Server Offline
« on: December 08, 2012, 02:41:53 am »
I'm taking the Tekkit server offline temporarily while we perform the hardware changes here.  I will bring it back up on the new machine sometime tomorrow.  The test server will remain online on the existing server while I prepare the new one.

Test Server / Dynmap
« on: December 08, 2012, 02:11:38 am »
We have been having a lot of issues with Dynmap on the new test server, as it seems a bit buggy.  This mod has been the cause of a lot of the lag and server crashes over the past couple of weeks.  I just applied the latest development build to the server, which will hopefully address some of the crashes we have been receiving.  I have updates turned back on and am doing some full world renders again to catch the maps up.  Previously it would crash at the same point of the regen each time, and it has already gotten past that part of the map.

I have also allowed Dynmap to run a lot faster than I have in the past.  This may mean you will notice more lag, but we will see.  The changes made a big difference in the render.  If I notice lag in the morning I will pause the updates.

General / New Server Hardware
« on: December 07, 2012, 01:20:27 pm »
Originally we were running the vanilla server on a single core, 2 GB, Windows 7 machine.  When we switched to Tekkit I moved it to my main workstation, which has an I7 processor and 12 GB of ram.  Unfortunately this machine is not ideal for running the server, as it is my main workstation.

Some parts should be arriving tomorrow allowing me to upgrade the old machine that is currently just running the web server and BBS.  It will have a 6 core AMD FX processor with 16 GB or memory.  I will also be installing Windows Server 2008 R2 on it.  This will allow me to dedicate a lot more RAM to the server process, and it should not have any other processes effecting it like it does now.

During the upgrade the website will go down, but I should have it up in a handful of hours.  The MC server will remain up on my workstation while this is occurring, and will be transitioned to the new server during off hours.  If all goes well the change will be seamless to everyone using it.

Test Server / Test server ready for 1.4.5
« on: November 20, 2012, 04:29:13 pm »
Looks like we are almost ready to go to 1.4.5 as several mods just updated to it.  Buildcraft just released a stable release for it today.  IC2 released a beta for it yesterday, and we even got a version of Wireless redstone now, which previously was not updated even for 1.4.2.  There are a few IC addons it is missing, and Mo Created is still 1.4.2, but that is about it.  Of course RP2 and Thaumcraft are still outstanding, but hopefully at least RP2 will come out this weekend.

I will probably be working on updating the test server over the next couple of days to 1.4.5.  Once complete it will replace the current custom test server.  I will keep the same worlds for now.  Those will change though once RP2 is released.

General / Server Status
« on: November 18, 2012, 02:55:47 pm »
As most of you should have noticed there are two test servers running in addition to the to the production server.  With the announcement of bukkit support being dropped by the normal individuals who maintain the forge bukkit port, I have been looking for alternatives.  Initially I was going to setup the server manually, but with the beta release of FTB, I figured I would give it a try as well.

Currently the production server is running on port 25565 (default), the FTB server is running on 25566, and the custom server is running on port 25567.  Maps for all three are available on the top navigation bar of the website.  The FTB server requires the FTB client, and the custom server requires a custom client I put together.  You can download the FTB client from here and the custom client from here.

FTB will be updated as they release updates, but the custom client will be updated as new mod version become available and I have time to update the server.  Both of these are currently based on MC 1.4.2, as not all mods have been updated to 1.4.4/5 yet.  This will probably change within the next week.  Also both of these are currently lacking RP2 as there is no public release for the 1.4.x series yet.  Based on recent communication, this is probably going to happen within the next week.

While Tekkit is still an option for the future, I find it unlikely that we will stay with it.  The reason is it lacks mod author support, and seeing there is a better more up to date alternative to it (with author support), I have a feeling it is going to start to decline.  Plus if we do use a modpack, I would like to use one that the mod authors have agreed to be part of.

At the moment though I am partial to using the custom server, as I will remain in control of what mods are included and when updates are applied.  While it is nice to let someone else deal with getting all of the mods working together correctly, I believe the extra investment of time may be worth it.  Information about the mods on the custom server has been posted on the Test Server forum.

No matter which route we go we have an issue with transitioning the existing worlds.  There will be no in place upgrade for this, so things are going to change.  The reason is some of the new mods effect the worldgen (i.e. ExtraBiomes), and also Tekkit uses block IDs that are now consumed by vanilla items.  So even if we stayed with Tekkit, the block IDs of existing items are going to change.  This is going to make it difficult to use the existing map under the 1.4.x version of MC.

Currently what I am planning on doing is converting the modded block IDs when we transition the world to the new server.  This is not going to be a simple task do to the number of block IDs and the size of the worlds.  In addition to block ID changes there are some items that will not be on the new server at all.  Basically all EE2 items are gone.  Also some IC items have changed a bit (solar arrays, energy converters, etc) and may not be converted.

I have stated in the past my dislike for what EE2 has done to the server, and that I thought I had made a mistake for turning it on.  It allowed things to be produced too quickly, and made many gathering task pointless as you could just convert it via EMC.  If EE2 was being upgraded during this transition I would not include it on the new server.  Fortunately it is not, and they have said they are working on addressing some of the balancing issues in the new version, but their initial post on the forums for the next version does not make me feel comfortable that it is going to happen.  Right now it is too early to tell as it is in early development.  FTB has stated it will be added later, and I included the current prerelease on the custom server.  Take a look at it, but it is one mod that may not make the final cut.

Unfortunately EE2 has already done it's damage on our existing server, which is a concern for me when bringing it into the new server.  Some people currently have dozens of HV solar arrays or chests full of diamonds.  Part of me just wants to start from scratch and leave it off.  But there has been a lot of time and effort invested by many of us on this world (myself included), which I do not intend to toss out.  So I do plan to bring the world over, but I am considering delaying the conversion, and possibly stripping some of the mod items from it when we do convert it.  So we will probably start without it, and then add it on once we are already up and running on the new server in a new world.  So it should be safe to continue to work on production, but some mod items (specifically EE items) will not make it to the new server.

I have already tested on the FTB server, and we were able to add existing worlds to it.  I attached our original vanilla world to the FTB test server if you wanted to test it out.  So we should have no issues adding the existing worlds as new dimensions to the new world once it is up and running.  The only exception to this is the nether and the end.  We will lose support for a nether per world, and the only world that will support a nether will be the new overworld, which will have a new nether.

Please let me know you thoughts on the new server transition and the move of the existing worlds.

General / Tekkit 3.1.3
« on: November 16, 2012, 07:24:13 pm »
Tekkit 3.1.3 has been released as a development built.  Only minor updates so still MC 1.2.5.  I have not yet applied this update, but should soon.  I will post here when that has occurred.  At that point you should allow the client to update itself.

Below is from their changelog.
  • Updated RailCraft to v5.4.7b
  • Updated ComputerCraft to v1.41
  • Updated IndustrialCraft to v1.103
  • Server: Updated RedPower2 to r19. You can now set RedPower Control's CPU speed, in Hz.

Test Server / FTB Test Server Online
« on: November 11, 2012, 12:27:33 am »
An FTB test server is currently online.  This has most of the mods we currently have on the production server plus a few others, and is running MC 1.4.2.  You can access the test server at  You will need to use the FTB client to access it.  You can download it from here.

The one notable mod missing from this is Redpower 2.  The new version has not yet been released, but should be within the next few weeks, and it will be added at that time.  EE2 is also not here as support for it is being dropped for EE3 instead.  EE3 is not in a mature state yet, and even if it was, none of the prior items would carrier over as it is a complete rewrite, with most of the items not being re-implemented in the same manner.

This is just a test world.  It can be recreated at any time, so do not invest too much time on it yet.

Test Server / Test Server information
« on: November 07, 2012, 04:50:44 pm »
The test server is now online and can be accessed using the host address of  You will need to download and install the custom client below.  That zip file is the instance folder from MultiMC zipped up.  You can either set it up in MultiMC, or put the contents  of the Minecraft folder in your .minecraft folder.

Please feel free to post any suggestions or concerns for the mods on this server.

Custom Client
Client version G  Updated:12/15/2012

Texture Packs
Sphax PureBDCraft 64x  30 MB

Currently installed mods
Rei's Minimap 3.2.05
Additional Pipes 2.1.3 u35
Advanced Machines 4.5
Advanced Power Management 1.1.42
Buildcraft 3.2.2
Code Chicken Core 0.6.16
Computer Craft 1.47
Mo Creatures 4.3.1
Dungeon Pack 1.4.4v1
Ender Storage
Extra Biomes XL 3.6.0
Factorization 0.7.4
Gravity Gun 1.4.5v1
Greg Tech Mod 2.60b
Nuclear Control 1.4.3
IC2 1.109.113
Inv Tweaks 1.45
Iron Chest
Logistics Pipes 0.7.0 pre2
Misc Peripherals 2.0b
Advanced Solar Panels 3.3.0
Gravitation Suite 1.5
NEI Plugins 1.0.36
OptiFine 1.4.5 HD D3
Portal Guns v0.1
Soul Shards 1.11
Steves Carts 2.0.0.a35
Thaumcraft 3.0.1
Thermal Expansion 2.1.5
Twilight Forest 1.13.1
Balkon's Weapon Mod 1.10.1
Wireless Redstone CBE
Dimensional Anchors 51.0.1

Mods being Considered for Addition
RedPower 2  Just waiting on 1.4.5 update
Custom NPCs

General / Disappointing news
« on: November 03, 2012, 11:36:30 am »
Looks like MCForge is no longer going to be ported to work with Bukkit.  This means all of the MCForge mods (BC/IC2/RP2/EE2/etc) will no longer be usable on a bukkit server.  This is diappointing, as I have liked using the Bukkit server for the server side plugins.  So we will have to end up going back to a forged patched vanilla server moving forward.

When we do this we will lose the different service side plug-ins we have been using.  These include things like block logging and protection mods, as well as simple commands we use like /spawn, /home, etc.  We will be able to find some alternatives, and there will be a couple (dynmap) that have forge compatable versions.

Not yet sure what tekkit is going to be doing, but I imagine the will be switching to a forge server, and the name of the pack may change.  While we could wait for them to do this, I am already playing around with setting up the mods myself.  Using Tekkit is nice, as they have done the work to handle the mod compatibility, but I really do not like being dependent on an outside entire for my mod selection and updates.  So it will give us the oppertunity to include other mods tekkit does not include (i.e. forestry, ExtraBiomesXL, MoCreatures, etc).

Currently most all of the mods we use have a version (beta in some cases) for MC 1.4.2.  The exception to this is EE and RP, as I don't think they are in open beta yet. I have seen videos on the current development version of RP, so it is being worked on.  I may be setting up a test server soon with the mods that are 1.4.2 ready.  I will try to play around with the block IDs to get them similar to what we have now for world compatability, but ther will be some issues.  I know that in 1.3 and probably 1.4 also, there were blocks added that use the same IDs as some of the mod blocks in tekkit.  I may be able to convert these blocks as we transition the worlds, but not sure yet.

One thing to keep in mind, is that EE is transitioning from EE2 to EE3.  EE3 is very different than EE2.  They are supposidly addressing a lot of the balancing issues that cause most MP servers not to run them.  Things like the collectors and condensers are gone.  I beleive red matter, and everything using it is also gone.  So to be on the safe side it is best not to depend on anything from EE.  So if you have any setups that incorperate a condensor now, you might want to think about designing without it.  Most of the other mods seem to be mostly backward compatable.

I'll let you know when the test server is online and how to access it.  I will also provide a link to the modded client download at that time.

General / Server Crash
« on: November 03, 2012, 08:28:35 am »
Server crashed around 3:00 am due to an issue with wireless redstone.  The server is now back online.

General / Server Updates
« on: October 28, 2012, 11:06:07 pm »
The shuttle port near the spawn of the new world will now take you to Worldhub, which eventually will be a larger ship that is used when traveling between different worlds.  At the moment only 4 of the hangers have been built, and not much else.  I have put up some temporary walls until the build is complete to make it harder to fall off of the ship by mistake, but there are still plenty of areas to jump.  You (and your stuff) will not survive if you do as you will not be able to reach your chest.

Currently the only world connected to the hub is the new world, but I will be adding the old world shortly, plus two other new worlds we will be coming up during the week.  So for now, there really isn't much to do on the ship.  Going to be testing some time and weather mods this week also to keep the world always at night and no weather.

I've made some updates to the spawn area in world2.  Finally finished the structures for the spawn and station.  Also continued to level off more of the land and started working on walls so the area's borders are visibly defined.

One thing I did notice when working there today was the framerate really drops around KMDs place.  I think it is the crystal chests.  Due to the client side lag that they add, it is best to stick with diamond, at least in the structures around the spawn point.  Currently anyone jumping back to spawn get's hit with that lag until they get away from him place.  It is still playable on my PC, but noticably slower.

Also, I finally finished the elevated track run to may place.  The track is usable now if you push a cart onto the rails and hop in.  I'll work on the station at some point, but currently it is non functional.

General / Server Offline
« on: October 22, 2012, 10:24:58 pm »
Server went down today, and had a bunch of chunk load errors on starting it back up.  I am currently in the process of trying to restore the morning's backup of world2.  I will try to get it back online tonight, but that depends on how long the restore takes.

Based on the UI it appears that Octo and Technomage were online when it went down, though the UI is a little buggy and can at times incorrectly represent the online user list.  If either of you were online when it went down, can you let me know what you were doing right before it went down?

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