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Title: Dynmap initial map generation
Post by: Baltazar on December 30, 2012, 09:55:35 am
We have been having issues getting the initial map generated for the overworld, as it can only run when no one is online due to the lag.  This has meant not much progress has been made on it this past week.  Until the map generation is complete the map updates cannot be left on as anytime someone goes to an area of the map that has not been updated (even though chunks are generated), it causes dynmap to try to render those tiles as well.

So for now map updates have been turned off, and I have canceled the full render job.  I have brought up a second server that is pointed to the same tile location as the main and am generating the maps on it.  This should avoid the lag caused by having it run on the main server.  The only issue is it is rendering off of a non updated copy of the world, but this should be fine to get the initial map done.  I am hoping this can be completed within the next couple of days.

I do still need to generate chunks on both the nether and Twilight Forest, which must be done on the main server.  I should be able to do this without causing too much lag.  I was able to do this on the overworld, while people were online within a couple of days.  I will probably be starting this process later today, but will only generate out to a 2500 block radius.  Once that is complete I will take another copy of the world to the second server and generate the maps on them.

Once all of this is completed, a lot of the lag we have been noticing this first week should go away.
Title: Re: Dynmap initial map generation
Post by: Baltazar on January 01, 2013, 11:33:06 pm
The map generation has been painfully slow.  It is currently running again on the test server, but it is going to take weeks to finish at it's current rate.  I will continue to let it generate at it's current rate, but hopefully we can determine why it is running so slow.

I have also turned updates back on for the production server and we will see how that goes.  The update queue seems to fill up when there is a lot of chunk loading (people wandering around), but eventually catches up.  I have lowered some of the settings that should hopefully make it more bearable when updates do occur, but we will see.