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Title: Server Status
Post by: Baltazar on November 18, 2012, 02:55:47 pm
As most of you should have noticed there are two test servers running in addition to the to the production server.  With the announcement of bukkit support being dropped by the normal individuals who maintain the forge bukkit port, I have been looking for alternatives.  Initially I was going to setup the server manually, but with the beta release of FTB, I figured I would give it a try as well.

Currently the production server is running on port 25565 (default), the FTB server is running on 25566, and the custom server is running on port 25567.  Maps for all three are available on the top navigation bar of the website.  The FTB server requires the FTB client, and the custom server requires a custom client I put together.  You can download the FTB client from here (http://feed-the-beast.com/#download_wrapper) and the custom client from here (http://theboard.synchro.net/files/TestClient.zip).

FTB will be updated as they release updates, but the custom client will be updated as new mod version become available and I have time to update the server.  Both of these are currently based on MC 1.4.2, as not all mods have been updated to 1.4.4/5 yet.  This will probably change within the next week.  Also both of these are currently lacking RP2 as there is no public release for the 1.4.x series yet.  Based on recent communication, this is probably going to happen within the next week.

While Tekkit is still an option for the future, I find it unlikely that we will stay with it.  The reason is it lacks mod author support, and seeing there is a better more up to date alternative to it (with author support), I have a feeling it is going to start to decline.  Plus if we do use a modpack, I would like to use one that the mod authors have agreed to be part of.

At the moment though I am partial to using the custom server, as I will remain in control of what mods are included and when updates are applied.  While it is nice to let someone else deal with getting all of the mods working together correctly, I believe the extra investment of time may be worth it.  Information about the mods on the custom server has been posted on the Test Server forum.

No matter which route we go we have an issue with transitioning the existing worlds.  There will be no in place upgrade for this, so things are going to change.  The reason is some of the new mods effect the worldgen (i.e. ExtraBiomes), and also Tekkit uses block IDs that are now consumed by vanilla items.  So even if we stayed with Tekkit, the block IDs of existing items are going to change.  This is going to make it difficult to use the existing map under the 1.4.x version of MC.

Currently what I am planning on doing is converting the modded block IDs when we transition the world to the new server.  This is not going to be a simple task do to the number of block IDs and the size of the worlds.  In addition to block ID changes there are some items that will not be on the new server at all.  Basically all EE2 items are gone.  Also some IC items have changed a bit (solar arrays, energy converters, etc) and may not be converted.

I have stated in the past my dislike for what EE2 has done to the server, and that I thought I had made a mistake for turning it on.  It allowed things to be produced too quickly, and made many gathering task pointless as you could just convert it via EMC.  If EE2 was being upgraded during this transition I would not include it on the new server.  Fortunately it is not, and they have said they are working on addressing some of the balancing issues in the new version, but their initial post on the forums for the next version does not make me feel comfortable that it is going to happen.  Right now it is too early to tell as it is in early development.  FTB has stated it will be added later, and I included the current prerelease on the custom server.  Take a look at it, but it is one mod that may not make the final cut.

Unfortunately EE2 has already done it's damage on our existing server, which is a concern for me when bringing it into the new server.  Some people currently have dozens of HV solar arrays or chests full of diamonds.  Part of me just wants to start from scratch and leave it off.  But there has been a lot of time and effort invested by many of us on this world (myself included), which I do not intend to toss out.  So I do plan to bring the world over, but I am considering delaying the conversion, and possibly stripping some of the mod items from it when we do convert it.  So we will probably start without it, and then add it on once we are already up and running on the new server in a new world.  So it should be safe to continue to work on production, but some mod items (specifically EE items) will not make it to the new server.

I have already tested on the FTB server, and we were able to add existing worlds to it.  I attached our original vanilla world to the FTB test server if you wanted to test it out.  So we should have no issues adding the existing worlds as new dimensions to the new world once it is up and running.  The only exception to this is the nether and the end.  We will lose support for a nether per world, and the only world that will support a nether will be the new overworld, which will have a new nether.

Please let me know you thoughts on the new server transition and the move of the existing worlds.
Title: Re: Server Status
Post by: Kuges on November 18, 2012, 08:17:32 pm
First attempt, seemed to be looking at a wall, crashed

Seems MC crash reports are way too big to copy/paste here, will save it to file next time.

Edit : Seem to bet spawning underwater (instant dearth or crash, or both it seems). trying to figure out where MultiMC saves the crash reports.
Title: Re: Server Status
Post by: Baltazar on November 18, 2012, 10:34:29 pm
We never figured out what the issue was, but removing Optifine from the jar mods and rebuilding the jar seemed to fix the issue.  Posting it here in case others have the same issue.
Title: Re: Server Status
Post by: Kuges on November 19, 2012, 08:08:21 pm
Might want to see if you can reduce slime spawns. They are a problem, in that you end up cheering for crocs to take them out. I'm using my cactus farm to thin out the 4x4 slimes, usually several every day.
Title: Re: Server Status
Post by: Baltazar on November 19, 2012, 10:25:46 pm
Not sure if I can do much to effect that one.  You may have just been unlucky to build in an area that had a slime chunk near the surface.