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Title: FTB Test Server Online
Post by: Baltazar on November 11, 2012, 12:27:33 am
An FTB test server is currently online.  This has most of the mods we currently have on the production server plus a few others, and is running MC 1.4.2.  You can access the test server at theboard.synchro.net:25566.  You will need to use the FTB client to access it.  You can download it from here (http://feed-the-beast.com/).

The one notable mod missing from this is Redpower 2.  The new version has not yet been released, but should be within the next few weeks, and it will be added at that time.  EE2 is also not here as support for it is being dropped for EE3 instead.  EE3 is not in a mature state yet, and even if it was, none of the prior items would carrier over as it is a complete rewrite, with most of the items not being re-implemented in the same manner.

This is just a test world.  It can be recreated at any time, so do not invest too much time on it yet.

Title: Re: FTB Test Server Online
Post by: Kuges on November 11, 2012, 07:59:27 am
Been playing it solo for a week now, and pretty fun. Only problem I ran into was the Greg's Stuff mod really messes with the recipes for IC2 items (mining drill now costs something like 5 times the cost of a quarry). And do miss the Red Power. Some of the normal MC stuff that was added after 1.2.5 is pretty neat. Starting to dig into the Forestry Mod, lots of neat stuff there.
Title: Re: FTB Test Server Online
Post by: Baltazar on November 11, 2012, 08:25:19 am
Yeah, a lot of the IC2 recipes did change.  Not yet sure how appropriate they feel, but it does now take a lot longer to get that first solar array.

We should hopefully have Redpower 2 within the next week or two along with Thaumcraft.  Once RP2 is added it becomes a viable alternative to Tekit for us.

I may mess around with adding a few other mods to it.  I've really gotten to enjoy Mo'Creatures on a test server I have been playing with, and may try to add it to see if there are any compatibility issues.

First issue though is seeing if I can get additional worlds loaded into the server.  I'm going to try with our older vanilla world for testing, as it should prove simpler to convert.
Title: Re: FTB Test Server Online
Post by: Baltazar on November 11, 2012, 08:06:16 pm
Well it appears we can load the old worlds over dimensions created by mystcraft, which is good news.  This means we should be able to bring the old worlds with us.  I have the original world from our vanilla server on the test server now.  The link book is called Old World Test and is located at x:280 z:266.

Nether portals will not function correctly in these dimensions.  I was able to enter the nether, but it was the nether of the main world, which is where I ended up when I went back through.  So we are going to be stuck with one nether, and I plan to let that regenerate with the main world generation.  So before the transition everyone will want to pull any important assets back to the main world to avoid losing them.

I'm going to start playing around with the block conversion of the modded blocks on our current main world.  The block ids between the mod packs are not the same, so I need to get some sort of conversion process in place.  Once done I will bring it up on the test server so we can review it for issues.