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Title: Disappointing news
Post by: Baltazar on November 03, 2012, 11:36:30 am
Looks like MCForge is no longer going to be ported to work with Bukkit.  This means all of the MCForge mods (BC/IC2/RP2/EE2/etc) will no longer be usable on a bukkit server.  This is diappointing, as I have liked using the Bukkit server for the server side plugins.  So we will have to end up going back to a forged patched vanilla server moving forward.

When we do this we will lose the different service side plug-ins we have been using.  These include things like block logging and protection mods, as well as simple commands we use like /spawn, /home, etc.  We will be able to find some alternatives, and there will be a couple (dynmap) that have forge compatable versions.

Not yet sure what tekkit is going to be doing, but I imagine the will be switching to a forge server, and the name of the pack may change.  While we could wait for them to do this, I am already playing around with setting up the mods myself.  Using Tekkit is nice, as they have done the work to handle the mod compatibility, but I really do not like being dependent on an outside entire for my mod selection and updates.  So it will give us the oppertunity to include other mods tekkit does not include (i.e. forestry, ExtraBiomesXL, MoCreatures, etc).

Currently most all of the mods we use have a version (beta in some cases) for MC 1.4.2.  The exception to this is EE and RP, as I don't think they are in open beta yet. I have seen videos on the current development version of RP, so it is being worked on.  I may be setting up a test server soon with the mods that are 1.4.2 ready.  I will try to play around with the block IDs to get them similar to what we have now for world compatability, but ther will be some issues.  I know that in 1.3 and probably 1.4 also, there were blocks added that use the same IDs as some of the mod blocks in tekkit.  I may be able to convert these blocks as we transition the worlds, but not sure yet.

One thing to keep in mind, is that EE is transitioning from EE2 to EE3.  EE3 is very different than EE2.  They are supposidly addressing a lot of the balancing issues that cause most MP servers not to run them.  Things like the collectors and condensers are gone.  I beleive red matter, and everything using it is also gone.  So to be on the safe side it is best not to depend on anything from EE.  So if you have any setups that incorperate a condensor now, you might want to think about designing without it.  Most of the other mods seem to be mostly backward compatable.

I'll let you know when the test server is online and how to access it.  I will also provide a link to the modded client download at that time.

Title: Re: Disappointing news
Post by: Kuges on November 06, 2012, 08:58:50 pm
Yeah, saw somewhere else (reddit I think) that bukket is pretty much dead now. not sure why.

Myself, last couple of day I have been messing around with the "Feed the Beast" mod pack, basically tekkit with serious modder support and running on MC 1.4.2. Still in Beta atm, and so is the server side of the software.  Doesn't have Red Power yet (not sure if that is coming or not, but been playing with it on my solo tekkit game, and it's really starting to grow on me).

http://feed-the-beast.com   Website is still a work in progress, and so is the mod pack, took me a while to figure it out, but so far seems interesting.
Title: Re: Disappointing news
Post by: Baltazar on November 07, 2012, 02:44:03 pm
Well Bukkit is not dead, but if you like the forge mods (i.e. basically everyone mod that makes up Tekkit) then you are going to have to switch servers seeing the forge port for Bukkit is no longer being maintained.  This may change in the future, but as of now it seems it is not going to be an option.

I've head of that mod pack, but have not tried it yet.  Redpower's 1.4.2 beta still has not been released to the public.  Only place I know that has it is the ForgeCraft server, which is a private server for a bunch of mod developers (plus Direwolf).

I currently have a working 1.4.2 multiplayer setup with most everything we have now, plus a few extras (i.e. Forestry, ExtraBiomesXL, Mo Creaturs, etc).  The exceptions to this are Redpower 2 and EE2.  EE3 is out in beta for 1.4.2, and I have it installed, but it is a complete rewrite, and not much is done yet.  Main thing I am still working on is multiworld support.  Easy on Bukkit servers, but not so easy on vanilla.

I will be posting information about the test server soon, along with the client download.

Title: Re: Disappointing news
Post by: Kuges on November 07, 2012, 05:30:38 pm
Yeah, just found out today that Redpower is holding off till 1.4.3 (grumbles). And as why Forge is no longer working on bukket is where I heard the "Bukket is pretty much dead" line.