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Title: Server is down
Post by: Baltazar on September 07, 2012, 08:16:54 am
As most of you have already noticed the server is currently down.  It went down last night due to a crash.  I cannot currently get it back up as it continues to crash with the same error.  The error is related to a water strainer someone placed in world.  It is caught it a recursive error which eventually results in a stack overflow and prevents play.  There is most likely an anchor around this strainer as it loads on server start without anyone logging in.

This issue has been reported elsewhere.  Some say it is random, and othewr have stated it happens when you attach a gold pipe to the strainer.  If anyone placed a strainer last night, or modified the piping for a strainer, please post the general location of it here, as I need to pull up the world in an editor and fix it manually.  Until this occurs the server will remain down.

There does not appear to be any fix for this issue other then turning the strainer off, so if we do not turn them off, then it will probably happen again.
Title: Re: Server is down
Post by: Baltazar on September 07, 2012, 09:11:09 am
Server is back online.  I had to remove the power converters mod, which removed all converters (energy links, water strainers, etc) in chunks that loaded at server startup.  This did in fact remove the strainer that was causing the issue, as the server now starts up fine.  To prevent this in the future you can no longer craft the water strainer, as I do not know how to avoid this issue from occurring in the future with it in.  For chunks that were not loaded, the strainers will still be there.  Please delete those strainers and adjust your setups to work without them.

If you lost an energy link and don't want to have to make a new one, let me know in game and I will spawn you a new one.